My Top 10 Christian Books

Based upon the long running BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Desert Island Discs’, we are hoping to compile a list of books that contributors feel should be essential for any young believer’s library.

Many of the books recommended by the contributors to this list are available either new or second-hand. We have included details of some of these suppliers on the Links page. This should not be taken as an endorsement of everything that appears on those sites.

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Recommended by Alastair Sinclair:

Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • BIBLE: MacArthur Study Bible
  • In addition to the assumed KJV, John MacArthur’s study bible provides a useful modern supplement from a living author. It also serves to introduce the reader to the Author whose vast repertoire via the web and in print is most helpful
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
  • by James Strong
  • A concordance is essential for serious bible study. Strong’s is in my view the most useable and comprehensive.
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • Expository Dictionary of Words
  • by W. E. Vine
  • Very useful for comparing different Greek words often translated by the same English words. A good companion work for Strong’s
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • Nelson’ complete book of Bible Maps and Charts
  • much more than the title suggests. This very easy to read book offers an outline to each book of the bible, where it fits, its dates and key events. Very useful for a broad understanding of how scripture fits together
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • Gleanings in Genesis
  • by A. W. Pink
  • I would need a book on Genesis and like one by Pink so this fulfills both. Not a technical book but easy to read and very original. Slight caution on some of Pink’s views which are not necessarily the same as my own.
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • John's Gospel
  • by Frederick Louis Godet
  • again I would need a book on John and love one by Godet. This is technical and can be heavy going but very comprehensive for serious Bible Study on this beautiful Gospel.
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • Bible Questions and Answers
  • by E. W. Rogers
  • a very balanced approach to many of the “thorny” questions and so called “controversial” issues which interest many of us in some way.
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • What the Bible Teaches - Revelation
  • by Jim Allen
  • In my view a masterpiece by the finest living assembly writer. This book is both readable and comprehensive. Offering multiple views on many issues with clear reasons for the choice of the correct one, which I am almost always persuaded to agree with.
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • Synopsis of the Books of the Bible
  • by J. N. Darby
  • Not very comprehensive, sometimes not easy to read, but containing nuggets of thought which seem to have eluded my own considerations and most other commentators.
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • A short meditation on The Moral Glory of the Lord Jesus Christ
  • by J. G. Bellett
  • Relatively short, old fashioned in style as Bellett has now been passed away for nearly 150 years, but a beautiful devotional book which is Christ glorifying. Can be read again and again.
Alastair Sinclair Book Recommendations
  • Believer's Bible Commentary
  • by W. MacDonald
  • This would be most useful to young believers as it is relatively modern and very sound. It gives a good initial exposition for all the scriptures which can then be supplemented with deeper study.

Other Contributors:

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