My Top 10 Christian Books

Based upon the long running BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Desert Island Discs’, we are hoping to compile a list of books that contributors feel should be essential for any young believer’s library.

Many of the books recommended by the contributors to this list are available either new or second-hand. We have included details of some of these suppliers on the Links page. This should not be taken as an endorsement of everything that appears on those sites.

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Recommended by Alan Gamble:

Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • BIBLE: New King James Study Bible
  • This is quite a new purchase by me. Edited by Earl Radmacher and several others, it has many helpful charts, maps and other visuals. It also has very full comments which, so far, I have found to be sound and suggestive. Always remember that such notes, although on the same page as the text, are not inspired!
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • The Case for Christ
  • by Lee Strobel
  • A magnificent defence of the faith compiled by a journalist who was a crime reporter and an atheist until his own conversion. Based on interviews with leading Bible believing scholars, this book contains very accessible information on such issues as the reliability of the gospels, the claims of Jesus, fulfilled prophecy and the resurrection.
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • The Cross of Christ
  • by John Stott
  • Perhaps the best of this prolific writer's books, although he has written many fine ones.A clear exposition of the Truth of Substitution accomplished by the Lord Jesus on the cross, along with many other aspects of His death and its implications.
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • Know the Truth
  • by Bruce Milne
  • A handbook of doctrine, written succinctly. More for reference than reading, this work complements IN UNDERSTANDING BE MEN and TREASURY OF BIBLE DOCTRINE, which I also use and highly recommend, a bit more technical than either of these.
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • The Sauer Trilogy
  • by Eric Sauer
  • I am sneaking in three books as one! THE DAWN OF WORLD REDEMPTION, THE TRIUMPH OF THE CRUCIFIED and FROM ETERNITY TO ETERNITY form a tremendous account of the Work of God in the history of redemption, doing His work and then unfolding His revelation. For an overview of the Purpose of God, these three read together are hard to beat.
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • The Unfolding Mystery
  • by Edmund Clowney
  • This is a heart warming yet scholarly book, sub -titled ' Discovering Christ in the Old Testament '. It well demonstrates the unity of Scripture and from many well known and lesser known angles the sufferings of Christ and the glories to follow.
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • The Inspiration and Suthority of Scripture
  • by Rene Pache
  • Perhaps the best of the less technical book this vital subject, this work contains a great deal of useful information and staunchly restates and defends crucial truth.
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • The Spreading Flame
  • by F F Bruce
  • This is a very well written account of early church history from the New Testament up to the fifth and sixth century AD. That was a crucial period for the expansion of the Gospel and the development of doctrine. Meet many of the key early leaders here. Professor Bruce was a most distinguished New Testament scholar, linked with assemblies, who could write very readably. Many of his works are well worth having.
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • Alone in Majesty
  • by W. MacDonald
  • All of this brother's books are profitable and very easy to read. This one is maybe a little less well known than some others. It is an unfolding the attributes of God to promote our worship and devotion. The chapters are short and well adapted for meditation.
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
  • An Unshakeable Kingdom
  • by David Gooding
  • Wasn't going to put in any directly expository books or where would I finish? However, I didn't want to miss this one out or David Gooding! This is his Exposition of Hebrews, first class. You will find it original and illuminating and then you will get his other books too!
Alan Gamble Book Recommendations
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  • I have deliberately not included many excellent books because they were on the lists of other contributors.

Other Contributors:

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