My Top 10 Christian Books

Based upon the long running BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Desert Island Discs’, we are hoping to compile a list of books that contributors feel should be essential for any young believer’s library.

Many of the books recommended by the contributors to this list are available either new or second-hand. We have included details of some of these suppliers on the Links page. This should not be taken as an endorsement of everything that appears on those sites.

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Recommended by Philip Kaye:

Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • BIBLE: Newberry Reference Bible
  • Essential for any serious Bible student. Has excellent cross references, clear quotations from other parts of scripture, and many tools to help you understand tenses and such like. It takes time and effort to understand the signs and symbols but is well worth it. If you can get a wide margin copy so much the better so that you have space to add your own notes!
Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible
  • by James Strong
  • The advent of On-Line Bible facilities has reduced the need to use concordances of this nature but what you have on computer is based upon the work of men like Strong. Helpful in pursuing word studies and finding verses.
Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • Expository Dictionary of Words
  • by W. E. Vine
  • Helpful in understanding the meaning of Greek words in our NT. To understand the meaning of a particular word can be a great help towards the correct understanding of a passage.
Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • The Coat of Many Colours
  • by D. Craig
  • A lovely devotional commentary on the life of Joseph which highlights the beautiful type that he is of the Lord Jesus. As a young Christian I read this book and was helped to see the idea of typology and the wonderful beauty that God has built into His Word.
Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • House of God
  • Another book I was helped by as a young Christian. Just a short, concise book on the tabernacle with colourful illustrations, setting out the basic typical teaching without going into great detail.
Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • And God said
  • by Dr. F. Abou-Rahme
  • Society around us accepts evolution without question but this book shows how that true science agrees with the Bible, not contradicts it. A book that provides real encouragement and help to the believer whose faith is maybe challenged by those who believe in evolution.
Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • Great Truths of the Bible
  • by P. Coulson
  • This little book provides brief summaries on 9 doctrinal matters such as Redemption, Predestination etc. A helpful tool in getting a grasp of the basic tenets of these important truths.
Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • Things written aforetime
  • by F. E. Stallan
  • This book is helpful in understanding how OT quotes are used by NT writers. Mr Stallan goes through each OT quote one by one, explaining the significance of its use in the NT and giving a contextual understanding of the passage in which it is used.
Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • Ultimate Questions
  • by J. Blanchard
  • Keep a few of these booklets in stock to pass on to anyone who shows an interest in the gospel. They are well presented and doctrinally sound in their gospel content, giving a clear presentation of the way of salvation.
Philip Kaye Book Recommendations
  • What the Bible Teaches
  • by [John Ritchie NT Commentaries]
  • This may be 'cheating' but pick any one of the series! The verse by verse style of these commentaries is helpful in that you are able to get straight to the verse or section you are looking for help on. In most cases the treatment is full without being too verbose and difficult passages are not skipped over as in many books.

Other Contributors:

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