My Top 10 Christian Books

Based upon the long running BBC Radio 4 programme ‘Desert Island Discs’, we are hoping to compile a list of books that contributors feel should be essential for any young believer’s library.

Many of the books recommended by the contributors to this list are available either new or second-hand. We have included details of some of these suppliers on the Links page. This should not be taken as an endorsement of everything that appears on those sites.

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Recommended by Daniel Rudge:

Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • BIBLE: The New Testament: An Expanded Translation by K. S. Wuest
  • An excellent translation of the Scriptures which as Mr Wuest says “uses as many English words as are necessary to bring out the richness, force and clarity of the Greek text.”
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • Survey of the OT and NT - Self Study Guides
  • by I. Jensen
  • Before embarking on the study of a book it is important to have a grasp of the history and context in which the book was written. Jensen’s surveys of the Old and New Testaments provide excellent background reading to any book, clearly stating its history, purpose and context. The self-study guides provide a little more detail and useful guidelines and structures to encourage your own study.
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • Believer's Bible Commentary
  • by W. MacDonald
  • This commentary is a must have for every young believer. I will often consult this commentary before anything else when studying a particular passage/book. Mr MacDonald has the ability to state “some things hard to be understood” in simple, plain English which is good for simple, plain people like me! The commentary is particularly helpful in the epistles, but does not cover the Old Testament in a lot of detail.
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • Sailing with Paul - Simple Papers for Young Believers
  • by H. A. Ironside
  • Harry Ironside is another who is able to explain profound Scriptures in a simple, easy to understand way. He has written a number of commentaries covering the whole of the New Testament and some of the Old Testament. I use his commentaries more as reading books than serious study tools as they read extremely well and are always an encouragement and challenge. Sailing with Paul is a particularly useful book for young believers covering basic bible and assembly truth such as sanctification, justification and the Lord’s Supper.
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • Ordained of the Lord
  • by E. S. English
  • Ordained of the Lord is written by E. Schuyler English but is a biography of Ironside’s life. It is an extremely challenging and encouraging read and highly recommended!
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • Going on for God
  • by D. C. Hinton & D. Newell
  • This is a useful guide to basic scriptural truth especially for young believers. It is divided into two sections the first of which considers subjects such as salvation, baptism, assembly gatherings, courtship and marriage. The second section is entitled Questions Young People Ask and considers relevant, current day issues that all believers face.
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • Things most surely to be believed
  • by E. S. English
  • This is a book which has been a great help to me. It considers fundamental bible truth and presents it in a way which is easy to understand and encourages further study as it does not go into a great deal of depth. The book gives a good clear overview of truth such as the deity of Christ, the atonement, the virgin birth, Satan and angelic beings, sin, repentance and faith, justification and the Christian’s two natures.
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • The Greatness of the Kingdom
  • by A. J. McClain
  • Potentially one of the best books I have ever read. It is a comprehensive treatise on the Kingdom of God as it is revealed throughout Scripture. His viewpoint is not one which every believer would adhere to, but it is difficult to argue with him! Also includes an excellent summary of the book of Revelation. Alva McClain did not write much, but his commentary on Romans is well known and very useful too.
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • Bible Exposition Commentary (2 volumes)
  • by W. Wiersbe
  • This is an excellent series of commentaries which present the truth of Scripture in a simple way. The author often puts an emphasis in his exposition on practical, daily Christian living. These were first produced as individual volumes, but have now been compiled in a two volume set called The Bible Exposition Commentary. It is well worth obtaining a copy!
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • Major Bible Prophecies
  • by J. F. Walvoord
  • There are a number of prophetical works which I find very helpful including Jim Allen’s exposition of Revelation and Things to Come by J Dwight Pentecost. Another outstanding prophetical writer is American author John Walvoord. His works include The Church in Prophecy, Israel in Prophecy, The Nations in Prophecy, The Millennial Kingdom and Major Bible Prophecies all of which are fairly easy to read and very helpful.
Daniel Rudge Book Recommendations
  • The Normal Christian Life
  • by Watchman Nee
  • I would not recommend everything by this author, however this book is a very practical help and a real challenge to read. It is essentially a detailed exposition of Galatians 2.20 and challenges the believer to daily reckon ourselves to be dead to sin and alive to Christ – “no longer I, but Christ” – this is the normal Christian life!

Other Contributors:

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